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Seeking New Horizons in Global Communication

Global communication is evolving on multiple levels—national, societal, corporate and individual. Since 1987, clients such as JTB, Metal One, JETRO and many others have relied on Merit 5 to optimize their multilingual messages for international audiences. We translate, refine and design content for them in nearly a dozen different languages for both print and online media.

Here are five reasons you should call on Merit 5 to handle your editorial projects (and if you already have something in mind, please contact us today.)

  Quality translations, editing and design  

Clients naturally expect accurate translations—and Merit 5 delivers on that—but we believe engaging, culturally perceptive translations are even better. For that, Merit 5 first calls on a trusted crew of translators we’ve worked with for years to handle the language pairings between Japanese and English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog and Arabic.

Our editors—including a native English-speaking editor and writer with over three decades of high-level editorial experience—then refine the translated text here in-house. Our DTP team incorporates that content into compelling, reader-friendly designs that deliver your message in style. The same goes for content destined to appear online.
  Wide editorial scope  

We have nearly three decades of experience at handling an extensive spectrum of editorial projects, including:

  • Corporate websites, magazines and newsletters
  • Annual reports, CSR publications and company profiles
  • PR materials, presentations and ads
  • Living and travel guides for students, tourists, residents and others
  • DVDs, pamphlets, and other special projects
  • Publications for government bodies and municipalities (newsletters, official documents, announcements, etc.)
  One-stop service  
  Spreading the components of an editorial project among several different vendors can be a logistical ordeal. Merit 5 will handle every facet of the job for you, from information gathering and planning to translation, editing, copywriting and narration as well as print and web design and printing or online deployment.  
  Diverse client list  
  We work with clients of every size and from many fields of business—including the steel industry, tourism, technology and science, agriculture, education and real estate. Our client list encompasses multinational corporations, major universities, quasi-governmental bodies and business organizations, prefectures and cities, and NPOs and SMEs. You can see a partial list here.  
  Competitive pricing  
  Local municipalities and other budget-oriented clients regularly select Merit 5 in competitive bidding situations because we are reliable, responsive and provide solid value for money. There are other options out there, of course, but consider one major intangible benefit: working stress-free because you know the job will be done right, on budget and on time.  
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