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Slogan for Garbage Reductionó3Rs

Today, Earth is filled with a lot of garbage. Let’s try to reduce garbage by being creative with the keyword 3R as our motto. We will introduce some practices that everyone can do in their daily lives to reduce garbage.
Do not produce garbage. 

Let’s reduce items in our everyday lives that ultimately turn into garbage.

  • Do not buy more than you need.
  • Do not accept excessive wrapping.
  • Avoid using disposable items as much as possible.
  • Try to use items carefully for as long as possible. Use products completely until the end.
Use items over and over again.

Let’s get the best out of what we have by using items over and over again.

  • Do not throw away clothes that you no longer need. Instead, give them to someone who needs them by taking them to secondhand shops or flea markets or putting up ads on bulletin boards for used goods.

Clothes and Sundries:
Recycle Shop “Ribbon” in Hatanodai
(5-13-9 Hatanodai, Tel: 5498-7803)

Furniture and Gifts:

Recycle Shop “Ribbon” in Oimachi
(Dai-san Chosha, Shinagawa City Office, Tel: 5742-6933)

Recycle used items.  

Turn used items into resources for new things that can be used again.

  • Dispose of recyclable items at recyclable resource collection stations (newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, paper cartons, paper boxes, bottles and cans used as food and beverage containers, plastic PET bottles, dry-cell batteries, clean plastic containers and wrapping, and fluorescent lights), basic collection sites (food trays, used clothing, and used cooking oil), and ECO Boxes (food trays and paper cartons).

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