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Higashi-Shinagawa Kaijo Park is Now Completely Open

This park is the central facility of the “waterway and greenery network,” which aims to make the best use of the waterway environment and abundant greenery. It was designed to provide facilities such as a boardwalk, grassy hills, a fountain, walls of greenery and rooftop gardens. The walkways and restrooms in the park are barrier-free to assist the elderly and physically disabled persons. Also available is an elevator to the rooftop on the third floor. All are welcome to come and visit.

Description of the Park
3-9 Higashi-Shinagawa (east side) and 2-6 Higashi-Shinagawa (north side)
How to Get There: A five-minute walk from Tennozu Isle Station on the Tokyo Monorail and Rinkai Line.
Inquiries: Roads and Parks Section, Tel: 5742-6789

Fountain Plaza
Attractions include a fountain and a symbol tree (pasania tree) located near the center of the park, walls of greenery and a wall fountain at the pump facility. There are also grassy areas and cherry blossoms here and there so that visitors can relax anywhere they choose. At night, the fountain, the wall fountain and the symbol tree are illuminated.

Rooftop Garden (2F)
This is a Japanese-style garden with a hill, lake and a garden of kare-sansui (“dry garden”) style. Visitors can sit on the board deck that cuts across the center to enjoy the view of the garden.

Kare-sansui (dry graden style)

*The rooftop gardens are open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Rooftop Garden (3F)
The rooftop of the Higashi-Shinagawa Pump Facility has been redesigned into a park. It boasts a view of Odaiba and Rainbow Bridge, and a splendid night view. The herbs and seasonal flowers planted in the garden create a peaceful oasis.

Elevator Tower
An elevator is in operation to enable the elderly and disabled persons to visit the rooftop gardens (3F) with ease. They have been designed so that the inside can be seen from the outside to help prevent crime.

Health Plaza
Visitors can enjoy going for a jog on the roughly 80 m circuit course available here, and using the athletic/play equipment. At the central grassy plaza, “radio exercises” can be done to music. There is also play equipment for toddlers so that even small children can get some exercise.

Grassy Plaza and Boardwalk
There are benches on the grassy plaza where you can rest while enjoying the view of the sea. In addition, the boardwalk that juts out over the canal is a water-friendly protective walkway from where you can feel close to the ocean.

Isle Bridge
This is a bridge especially for bicycles and pedestrians that connects Higashi-Shinagawa Kaijo Park to the Tennozu area. If you stand on the middle of the bridge on a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji. This area is also lit up at night. The silhouettes that appear on the surface of the water are beautiful.

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