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Why Not Visit One Hundred Scenes of Shinagawa? Part 12
– Minami-Oi and Katsushima Areas –

Summer vacation starts in late July for elementary, junior high and other schools in Japan. Why not take step out with your children on a leisurely stroll in such areas in Shinagawa City as the Waterfront and Shinagawa Aquarium?

Suzugamori Execution Ground Remains and Daikyo-ji Temple (2-5-6 Minami-Oi)

Suzugamori Execution Ground was established in 1651. It is said that it measured about 74 meters in width and 16.2 meters in length.
People who were executed here include those who appear as characters of kabuki and storytelling, such as Ten’ichi-bo, who called himself the illegitimate child of the Shogun Yoshimune, and Yaoya Oshichi, who committed arson in order to meet her beloved.
At Suzugamori Execution Ground Remains, which is located on a cramped triangular piece of land where Kyu-Tokaido Avenue and Dai-Ichi Keihin Route cross, there are some memorial monuments, including Daimoku Kuyoto monument, a 3-meter tall site, as well as the base stones used for the stake and crucifixion. Located next to the Execution Ground Remains, Daikyo-ji Temple, which maintains the Execution Ground Remnant property, is said to have been built for the purpose of commemorating the executed.

Suzugamori Execution Ground Remains

Shinagawa Kumin Park (3-2 Katsushima)

This park was opened in April 1987 as the largest comprehensive municipal park.
The park is divided into Cherry Blossom Plaza, Sports Plaza, Fountain Plaza, Play Plaza, Tide Plaza. There are play facilities, sports facilities, day camp space, a whale fountain, flowing waters and a 10,000 sq.-meter man-made lake with sea water called “Katsushima Beach,” and Shinagawa Aquarium is located aside (see page 1). Why not use the loan bicycles (free of charge) to bike around the perimeter of the park?
There are 300 pine trees, and during flower-viewing season, 130 plum blossom trees and 400 cherry blossom trees bloom. On weekends and holidays, the area is bustling with families headed toward the aquarium and people relaxing in the park.

Shinagawa Kumin Park
Shinagawa Kumin Park
To brighten the image of the tunnel in the park, murals were painted with the cooperation of second-year students at Shinagawa Municipal Suzugamori Junior High School as a class project.

Tenso Suwa Jinja Shrine (1-4-1 Minami-Oi)

Located in Tachiaigawa, this is one of the seven temples and shrines along the Kyu-Tokaido Avenue included among the “Tokai Shichi Fukujin (Seven Tokai Gods of Good Luck; Shinagawa Jinja Shrine, Isshin-ji Temple, Yogan-ji Temple, Ebara Jinja Shrine, Honsen-ji Temple, Tenso Suwa Jinja Shrine and Iwai Jinja Shrine),” and enshrines the god of Fukurokuju (happiness, wealth and longevity). This shrine is said to have the power of answering prayers for happiness, prosperity and a long life.

Tenso Suwa Jinja Shrine


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